Finding the right solution for your business model and then implementing it successfully is a daunting task. At Wete and Company, Inc. we have the experience and knowledge to help you identify and implement the most appropriate solution for your business. We provide a full range of value added Consulting services for Oracle database administration, analysis, design, programming and development services specializing in Oracle Internet Developer Suite, Oracle Forms/Reports, Oracle RDBMS, JDeveloper, Oracle Application Server and Oracle Collaboration Suite.

Wete and Company, Inc.’s band of expert consultants has been providing complete ERP and Accounting Systems solutions for the federal government, small and med-sized businesses for a combined average of over 12 years. Our leading-edge professional services and training programs ensure efficient implementation and continued, long-term success. Wete and Company, Inc. offers affordable pricing, accelerated implementation, and comprehensive support packages that yield unbeatable total cost of ownership.